I’m Kegan,

I’ve been in a number of roles in the Software Development life cycle, which has given me a unique perspective on how things are done, and what each party needs to bring to the table.
and although it may sound cliche, communication is key, I consider this to be both a strength and weakness, as I can communicate very well at times, and other times fairly bad.

I started CCP Development as a company for my freelance work to go through, as it’s a little more professional then getting an invoice from an individual, and I have plans of expanding CCP to be more then just a one man team, but that is a ways away from happening

On this site I’ll have details on services I can offer from my experience and knowledge learnt over the years, but i’ll also be writing blogs on Coding, so if you’re keen, head over to the blog and learn a new skill!

I’m by no means an expert in my field as I’ve been in a few sectors such as Project Management, Web Development, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Testing, and Automation, but with experience in those vast fields I can give you a more rounded service, a jack of trades if you will.

I hope to be hearing from you and helping to build your tomorrow, today.